More human skeletons at Rome metro station

Skeletons of woman and child dug up outside Piramide Station.

Two more human skeletons have been unearthed during works in Rome's Piazzale Ostiense, outside the Piramide metro station, days after another skeleton was discovered nearby.

The latest skeletons to be found belong to a woman and child, and date to the first century BC, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Archaeologists believe the three skeletons are from the Ostiense necropolis, built in the first century BC on the sides of the consular road, and in use for several centuries.

The presence of numerous nails around the bones suggests that the two skeletons were buried in a wooden coffin which disintegrated over time. The child was laid at the hip of the woman, probably the mother, according to La Repubblica.

The unexpected discovery of the skeletons came as technicians from the capital's multi-utility ACEA dug up the road outside the entrance of the Metro B station as part of works to renovate the street lights.

Photo La Repubblica

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More human skeletons at Rome metro station

Stazione Piramide, 00154 Roma RM, Italy