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Italy's high-speed Frecce trains bring in new luggage rules

Trenitalia limits number of bags on Frecce trains, with fines for those who fail to comply with new rules.

Italian rail operator Trenitalia is introducing new restrictions on the amount of luggage that passengers can carry aboard its high-speed Frecce trains from 1 March 2024.

The new rules will see each passenger permitted to take two bags on board Frecce trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca) free of charge.

There are new maximum size restrictions for luggage and passengers will be asked to place a label on each bag containing their name and contact details "in a clear and legible manner", according to the Trenitalia website.

The baggage size restrictions vary, however, depending on which class the passenger is travelling on the Frecce trains.

The Trenitalia website states that for those travelling in second class and in the Standard and Premium service levels, the "maximum total dimensions of your baggage (length plus width plus depth), including pockets, wheels and handles, must not exceed 161 cm (of which each dimension not exceeding 80 cm)."

Meanwhile for those travelling in first class and in Executive and Business, the "maximum total dimensions of your baggage (length plus width plus depth), including pockets, wheels and handles, must not exceed 183 cm (of which each dimension does not greater than 120 cm)."

Passengers with skis, prams, strollers, musical instruments, bicycles (all types, provided they are dismantled and/or foldable) and electric scooters can transport them in addition to the number of pieces of luggage allowed - the website states - "provided that the sum of the total dimensions of the skis, prams, strollers and musical instruments is not greater than 200 cm (length plus width plus depth) and that the dimensions of the bag in which you want to transport your bicycle or electric scooter are not greater than 80x110x45 cm."

Passengers can only place their luggage in the dedicated spaces and cannot store them near the train access doors, in the vestibules and transit corridors.

Trenitalia warns that those fail to comply with the new rules will be handed a fine of €50 as well as being obliged to unload their luggage "at the first station where the train stops."

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