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Rome's Gemelli rated Best Hospital in Italy for third year in a row

Gemelli hospital rated 38th in world rankings.

Rome's Policlinico Gemelli has been confirmed as the best hospital in Italy for the third consecutive year in the annual rankings compiled by American magazine Newsweek and Statista Inc.

The Gemelli is once again ranked among the top 50 hospitals internationally, claiming 38th position in the 2023 edition of the World's Best Hospitals list.

The annual list assessed 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries, taking into account a variety of Key Performance Indicators, tens of thousands of interviews with doctors and health professionals, and patient satisfaction questionnaires.

In a statement, Gemelli president Fratta Pasini welcomed the result but warned: "The current situation offers extraordinary prospects for further growth in both clinical and research activities, but also severe concerns about the increase in costs and the limits and constraints on access to public funds by an institution such as ours, which is reductively considered private, despite its non-profit character, the mission aimed at all those in need of care and the Christian approach to the sick".

The US tops the list, with the Mayo Clinic-Rochester once again in first place, followed by the Cleveland Clinic in second position and Massachusetts General in third.

Italy has five hospitals in the world's top 100: the Gemelli is followed by the Niguarda in Milan (60th place), S. Raffaele in Milan (64), S. Orsola in Bologna (65) and Humanitas in Milan (89).

The Gemelli made international headlines two years ago when its doctors performed colon surgery on Pope Francis.

Sometimes referred to as "the pope's hospital", the Gemelli has a section on the 10th floor reserved exclusively for popes, where John Paul II was treated after being shot in 1981.

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