Italy unveils €2 billion plan for high-speed internet on trains

Ferrovie dello Stato connects its high-speed rail network to 4G and plans to upgrade and extend internet coverage across all regional trains.

Italy's national state-owned railway holding company Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) has unveiled plans to invest €2 billion in upgrading the fibre-optic cable network to provide fast internet coverage across all trains.

The plan, announced at Italy's annual Rimini Meeting this week by FS director Luigi Ferraris, aims to provide commuters with reliable internet connection along the entire railway network that covers 17,000 kilometres and 2,200 stations.

News of the major investment comes as the company undertakes efforts to connect its high-speed rail network to 4G internet coverage, a project expected to be complete within 18 months.

The plan for "total connectivity on regional trains" is part of a long-term project by FS focusing on "innovation and digitalisation", said Ferraris, adding: "Connectivity is a key element".

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