Italy faces two-day taxi strike on 5 and 6 July

Taxi drivers to protest in centre of Rome on 5 July.

Italy's taxi drivers have confirmed a nationwide 48-hour strike on Tuesday and Wednesday in protest over the government's competition bill.

Trade unions representing cab drivers are protesting against liberalisation of the sector amid claims that deregulation would favour multinationals over independent drivers.

"The strike will act as a watershed regarding the fate of taxi drivers" - reads a statement from the unions - "It is a firm and unshakable response addressed to those who think of selling off our work and the public service function we perform."

Taxi drivers are set to hold a large demonstration in the centre of Rome on Tuesday, from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Madonna di Loreto, from 10.00-14.00.

The protest will lead to disruption to traffic and buses in Rome, while the two-day strike is expected to cause difficulty for those travelling to and from airports.