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Italy offers public transport bonus for commuters

How does Italy's public transport voucher work?

Italy has relaunched a public transport voucher - valued at up to €60 - for students, workers and pensioners, with effect from Monday 17 April 2023.

The scheme, first introduced last year by the Draghi government, has been renewed by the administration of premier Giorgia Meloni, with a key difference.

Unlike the original scheme which was available to those with an annual income of less than €35,000, the new "bonus trasporti" is open to those with a personal income of less than €20,000.

The government says it has allocated €100 million for the revised scheme which involves a one-off payment for a maximum of €60.

Commuters can purchase season passes for local transport (bus, tram, metro) as well as non-urban coaches and regional and national rail transport (second class only).

The e-voucher can be requested online by accessing the Bonus Trasporti website, using the SPID digital identity system or with an electronic identity card.

The voucher issued through the website is non-transferable and can only be used with a transport company, within the month of issue, by presenting it at the ticket office.

For more details see the ministry for labour and social policies website. Photo credit: sandrixroma /

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