The third annual Glocalization Conference, organised by the Glocal Forum, takes place 16-17 May at Circo Massimo in Rome. The campaign, entitled We are the future, brings together mayors, celebrities, public and private organisations and young people from over 60 nations of the world.

The key concept is to reinforce inter-city ties and to harness global opportunities for the economic, social and cultural interests of the local community. Speakers will also bring to light the needs of children in conflict areas and will stress city-to-city efforts in looking at the best way to meet these needs.

On 16 May a free, globally telecast concert takes place at Circo Massimo with an international, star-studded line-up including the legendary Quincy Jones, Usher, Natalie Cole, Youssou NDour and Andrea Bocelli. Angelina Jolie, Mohammed Ali and Oprah Winfrey will also be at the fte. The act runs from the afternoon until midnight.

This event is sponsored by private sector mega-companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo, as well as the World Bank and United Nations agencies, and stars from the entertainment industry. All proceeds will go to projects supporting children in regions of conflict. For more information see

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