Adapted for the stage and performed by David Mandelbaum, Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d is performed in Trastevere by New York's New Yiddish Repertory, and is the 80th production by the English Theatre of Rome.

Zvi Kolitz's 1946 tale begins with the discovery of a message in a bottle discovered among the ruins of the ghetto in war-time Warsaw. The letter is from Jewish Yosi Rakover who, in his last hours, reconsiders his relationship with God.

After Kolitz's tale was published anonymously in an Israeli Yiddish journal, it was assumed to be authentic. It has since been recognised as one of the classics of Holocaust literature and has been translated into many languages.

Directed by Amy Coleman, this European premiere of the play is performed in Yiddish with English supertitles and all profits from the event will be donated to Italy Reads, John Cabot University