It had been our plan to put news on our website today of the new exhibition of work by Edith Schloss and her life-long friend Alvin Curran, which opens tomorrow 21 December. Instead we are bringing the sad news of her death at home today, 20 December. Her death was unexpected and sudden and came at a moment when she was looking forward to her exhibition with Alvin, of her watercolours over his musical scores, some of her most beautiful and lyrical work ever.

Edith and Silvia Stucky had hung the exhibition last week and it was in fact Silvia who found Edith on Tuesday morning when she went to exchange one watercolour for another to put in the exhibition. Edith would most certainly have wished to go while she was working, thinking about an exhibition and planning what she was going to do next. She would have hated a long and incapacitating decline and a loss of independence and all of us who knew and loved and worked with her would have hated to see her suffer in that way.

Her last few weeks after her return in September from Pietrasanta