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Dogs travel free on Italy's long-distance trains this summer

Trenitalia seeks to reduce number of dogs abandoned over holidays.

Dogs can travel free of charge on Italy's Frecce and Intercity long-distance trains this summer, Trenitalia announced on Friday.

The initiative - in place until 15 September on Frecce trains and until 5 September on Intercity trains - is part of efforts by Trenitalia to reduce the phenomenon of people abandoning their pets as they head off on summer holidays.

The measure was introduced by the CEO of Trenitalia Luigi Corradi and the president of animal protection group LEIDAA, Michela Vittoria Brambilla.

“Abandonment is a cruel, cowardly and despicable act. It breaks the pact of love and friendship that we have made with the animal welcomed into the family" - said Brambilla - "Your everyday friend can't become a burden just because it's time to go on vacation. There are a thousand ways to always stay close. One of these is taking the train, where the limitations of the past have long since disappeared."

Describing it as "a concrete action to support anti-abandonment campaigns already active in our country", Corradi said: "The demand for those who go on vacation with their four-legged friend is growing and Trenitalia has activated a series of initiatives to facilitate holidays for families and their pets."

This summer Trenitalia's regional trains join the Italia in Tour promo – offering unlimited travel for three days for €29 or five days for €49 – and allowing travellers to take their medium or large dog on board as often as they like, provided the animal is on a leash and wearing a muzzle.

In order to travel with pets on Trenitalia trains, travellers must carry the animal's certificate of registration and health booklet, or alternatively - for foreign citizens - the dog's passport.

Guide dogs for blind people travel free of charge on all Trenitalia trains, as do small pets transported in a pet carrier up to a maximum size of 70x30x50 cm.

For more details about travelling with your pet on Trenitalia trains this summer see website.

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