A two-week campaign in the Lazio region has ended with a 27 per cent increase in blood donations. The initiative aimed to make Lazio self-sufficient in its blood supplies; the region currently imports nearly 30,000 units (18 per cent of the annual requirement) from elsewhere in Italy, at a cost of 4.5 million a year. It would take only a three per cent increase per month in donors to attain self-sufficiency. For information on where to give blood, contact the Lazio chapters of the Gruppi Donatori di Sangue Fratres delle Misericordie (Fratres), tel. 065042497, or the Associazione Volontariati Italiani Sangue (AVIS), tel. 06862440. For a list of donors' associations see www.volontariato.org/regionelazio/registridonatorisangue.htm.

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