Average wait for bus in Rome is 20 minutes

Rome ranked among longest waiting time for bus in Moovit survey.

The average waiting time for a bus in Rome is 20 minutes, putting the city on a par with Colombian capital Bogotà, according to public transport app Moovit.

The international survey by Moovit, which is partners with Rome's public transport company ATAC, found that 39 per cent of Rome commuters spend more than 20 minutes waiting for the bus.

The average daily time spent commuting on Rome public transport is 79 minutes, with 22 per cent of commuters spending more than two hours per day on the city's bus and metro network.

In comparsion to Rome, the average waiting time for a bus in Berlin is 10 minutes; 11 minutes in México and Moscow; 13 in London; 14 in Buenos Aires and Lisbon; 15 minutes in New York; and 16 minutes in Ankara, Turkey.

Elsewhere in Italy, the average wait in Milan is 11 minutes while in Naples it is 27 minutes.

The only capital city in the Moovit survey worse off than Rome and Bogotà is Brasília where the average wait is 28 minutes.

Photo LaPresse