11-28 Nov 2004. In collaboration with the Toy Museum in Figueres, Salvador Dal's home town, the Palau Robert has brought together a set of images and toys in an exhibition about the Spanish artists childhood.

The Toy Museum, using family archives, was able to reconstruct the first 20 years of the painters life, with sepia-toned photos of the angelic Salvador clutching a teddy bear or beaming in a sailor suit. It includes photographs taken by professionals as well as by Dals friends and relatives. In addition to being a chronicle of the personal life of the painter, the photos evoke the atmosphere of Figueres and Cadaqus of the time, when Dal was known as el fill del notary (the solicitors son). The museum has made a DVD for the exhibition, with two previously unseen films of Dal in Figueres from 1914.

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The First 20 Years of Salvador Dali

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