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Giulio Paolini

29 Nov-9 March. The exhibition presents 12 large installations by noted Italian artist Giulio Paolini from the early 1990s until today, as well as a piece designed specifically for the occasion. Paolini's exhibition is developed around the theme Essere o non essere (To be or not to be) which he uses to examine the role, or non-role, of the artist in conceiving and creating a work of art.

Renato Mambor

19 Dec-9 March. Atto Unico by Renato Mambor is part of a "contemporary masters" programme developed by MACRO over the past two years. The exhibition focuses on the cross-over between art and life, and includes about 30 works. Mambor's work comprises large cardboard pieces behind which lie a puzzle for the viewer to decipher.

Jorinde Voigt

29 Nov-9 March. An exhibition by Jorinde Voigt, a German artist belonging to an emerging international contemporary art scene, is entitled Liebe als Passion. Voigt's installation consists of a new series of 16 large-scale works on paper, inspired by Niklas Luhman's book Love as Passion.

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Showing at MACRO

MACRO, Via Nizza 138, tel. 068548274,