AUR 1920 x 116
AUR 1920 x 116
AUR 1920 x 116
Marymount - International School Rome

Project Rome: Fabulous February Food Drive

1-28 Feb. Project Rome is appealing for food donations as part of its "Fabulous February Food Drive" to help feed the city's less fortunate.

Rome residents can collect non-perishable food items at places of work or schools according to the charity which is self-funding and relies on generosity of others.

The organisers, British-born Mary Stuart-Miller and Steven Barnes, say they need pasta, potatoes, olive oil, canned tomatoes, rice (Thai par-boiled preferred), pulses / farro / lentils / orzo, vegetable stock cubes, jars of passata, plastic plates (deep), plastic cups, plastic spoons, serviettes.

Drop-off points

Finnegan's Irish Pub - Via Leonina 66 (Monti)

Crowne Plaza Hotel S. Pietro - Via Aurelia Antica

The Beehive Hostel & Café - Via Marghera 8 (Termini)

Shamrock Irish Bar - Via del Colosseo (Colosseum)

City Lights Tours - Borgo Vittorio 85, (Vatican)

Italy With Us - Via del Colosseo (Colosseum)

Supermercato Vivo - Vicolo Anguillarese 6, Osteria Nuova

For more details see Project Rome website.

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