Party for a Cause

Billed as an event that you cannot afford to miss, Party for a Cause promises to be a night of fun, with proceeds helping non-profit organisation ASHYANA to set up a socio-education centre for women in a remote village in Afghanistan.

Implementing the project is HAWCA (Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan), a non-governmental agency run entirely by women. HAWCA is already providing legal aid for women in the selected village as well as elsewhere in Afghanistan.

The event organisers describe the proposed centre as the Afghan women's only available opportunity for education, skill learning and for creating a self-help group.

The international party takes place at the Azienda Club on Via G. Libetta 5 on Saturday 11 January from 22.30 until dawn the next day.

The entrance fee is €5, with beer/wine priced at €5 and cocktails costing €7, while the music on the dance floor includes RnB, Hip-Hop, Latin, Caribbean, Arabic, Hindi, House and African tunes.

For further information contact (tel. 348 8704814).

General Info

Address Azienda Club, Via G. Libetta 5, (Ostiense area before S. Paolo).

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Party for a Cause

Azienda Club, Via G. Libetta 5, (Ostiense area before S. Paolo).