Organic Memory

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J. D. Doria is back in Rome with solo exhibition on a new production of works. Born 1961, he works and lives in Tel Aviv and has exhibited in Israel, in Rome, Milan and New York. An interdisciplinary artist since the start, he coagulates a background in Cinema and Stage Art with a love for writing, and matures into painting, incorporating technology and bringing his research to extend the boundary of the means beyond the exclusive nature of the single image. JD. Doria experiments an innovative technique which starting from painting, integrates the technological means of the 3d scanner and of photography, to capture the act of painting as it unfolds. By making focused enlargements of specific fragments extracted from the original work, but also through shots taken during the process of painting itself, his work highlights unedited aspects of painting as a phase in its unfolding. In the words of the artist “My recent work reflects a growing interest in the 'Future', and in a radical ‘reading’ of Aesthetic. I do find and suggest a tightly coupled correlation between Aesthetic and the Future, as a means of arriving to a better and sane future.” " The works of Doria are organic cells under the skin. With the 3d he scoops them, and reveals the artistic gesture and the composing material of the work, as if he were searching for the pure and archaic act of the essence of the artistic doings”. (Pamela Cento) For most of the prints the paper used is hand made by one of the most unique master papermakers in the world, Sandro Tiberi of the Cartiera Artigiana di Fabriano. He is published as featured artist in various art sites and magazines on the web. For further Info: Caffe' Letterario (solo exhibition space)- Via Ostiense 95 (Metro Piramide) Wed - Sun 10.00 - 22.00hrs Tues.10.00 - 18.00hrs Mon. closed

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Address Caffe' Letterario (in the solo exhibition space)- Via Ostiense 95, (metro Piramide) Rome

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Organic Memory

Caffe' Letterario (in the solo exhibition space)- Via Ostiense 95, (metro Piramide) Rome