2-8 Feb 2005. Berlin's underground (U-Bahn) provides the setting for this innovative event which shows 14 international short films on TV screens in underground trains throughout the city for an entire week. Since 2000, every February TV screens have been installed in Berlin's U-Bahn carriages to entertain commuters and visitors as they journey through the city. The organisers hope to set up screens in every underground train, featuring a mixture of current affairs, sports, entertainment and cultural life as well as the weather outside on the blustery city streets. Going Underground takes advantage of the randomness of public space in the U-Bahn system to feature an array of silent shorts, each lasting a maximum of 90 seconds, that are appropriate for spectators of all ages. The audience is encouraged to vote for the best film via internet, SMS or telephone and the winner receives a cash prize of 3,000. If you are in Berlin this week be sure to watch as many as possible!

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Address Showing throughout the day during U-Bahn hours (05.00 to 00.30)

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Going Underground.

Showing throughout the day during U-Bahn hours (05.00 to 00.30)