One week festival at the end of June will set South Dublin County buzzing to the sounds of Slovenian 'turbo folk', Croatian pop, and Congolese Soukous, as part of a programme that celebrates music, literature, visual art and film in urban and rural South Dublin County.

FUSED presents performers and artists, international and Irish, in local venues and virtual spaces.

A curated website exhibition, FUSED: XVER (cross over), is running from 21 June - 16 July in South Dublin County Libraries and County Hall, Tallaght. The exhibition is also available to the online international community. It features artists working in new media, which is either realised or supported by Internet based art works. Featured artists: Lionello Borean (Italy); Geoffrey Thomas (USA); Heath Bunting (UK); Reynald Drouhin (France);Joseph & Donna McElroy (USA); Lasse Raa (Scandinavia);Young Hae Chang (South Korea); Pierre Martens(Belgium); Vuk Cosic (Slovenia); Shirin Kouladjie (India).

FUSED VISUAL ARTS will also provide the Dublin venue for Shoot at the Artist which is both an installation and a story of the last years of the totalitarian regime in the former Yugoslavia. In a series of original posters, from the provocative covers of emblematic of Mladina, the leading Slovenian political weekly, it documents the part that Slovenian youth and underground movements played in the downfall of the government of 50 years standing (21 June - 10 July Alternative Entertainments Gallery, Civic Theatre, Tallaght).

All events free of charge unless indicated otherwise. The festival also features workshops for children and themed evenings in local libraries.

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Address South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin, Ph:4149000

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FUSED South Dublin County Arts Festival

South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin, Ph:4149000