From Orvieto to Bolsena: between the Etruscans and the Romans

The exhibition examines the Etruscan city-state of Velzna, in the Orvieto area, including its ultimate demise when it fell into Roman hands after a long siege. The artefacts on show map out over a millennium of history, in particular the annihilation of Velzna and the survivors' forced displacement to "Volsinii Novae" above Lake Bolsena. Between them the two cities have left behind an impressive archaeological landscape in Umbria. The exhibition displays a large number of items found in the area — including recent discoveries — along with many treasures on loan from the Vatican Museums and the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. Tues-Sun 08.30-19.30. Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, tel. 06322657.