18 June-9 Sept 2006. The rich and varied programme of events that come together under the banner of the Estate Romana has become a fixture in Rome growing little by little every year. Notwithstanding the sweeping financial cuts imposed on all cultural institutions by the last government, Walter Veltroni, the city mayor, manages to keep true to his promise to transform the eternal city into a vibrant mosaic of arts and entertainment during the summer months, breathing life into even the most peripheral areas. The offer is truly rich with open air cinema arenas in every suburb, world class rock and pop artists in the stadiums and in front of the Colosseum, chamber music and symphonic music concerts in archaeological sites and cloisters, opera at the Caracalla Baths, dance on the lawns of Villa Pamphilj, Latin American sound at the race course, and much, much more... All in all about 104 different events, each of them with a programme consisting of dozens of performances, make up what turns out to be one of the largest festivals in the world catering for all tastes and inclinations. So take advantage of the balmy evenings to sport your tan and roam the city with an open mind as there is something in store for each and every one of you.

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Address For detailed information www.estateromana.comune.roma.it, www.estate.roma.it.

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Estate Romana 2006.

For detailed information www.estateromana.comune.roma.it, www.estate.roma.it.