Digital Life

For Romaeuropa festival. Under the title Liquid Landscapes, Digital Life is the technological hub of the Romaeuropa festival and is now in its fourth year. The 27 works on display include multimedia and sound installations, interactive works and encounters, in a journey where the common denominator is landscape. The exhibition is divided between  MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, which hosts an interactive installation by Daniele Puppi, and MACRO Testaccio which exhibits two sections: The World You Know, focusing on the city and how it evolves, and The World You Own, highlighting how landscapes are reshaped by technology. Both categories at MACRO feature the work of Italian and international artists whose work examines how people and nature have shaped diverse cities and natural environments, such as New York, Israel, Chernobyl, Latin America and Shanghai. For more details see Romaeuropa website,