The Third Contact Europe VJ Festival will happen on 1, 2 and 3 of July in Berlin.

The "MOSKAU" in the heart of Berlin will be a meeting point for VJs from all over Europe and abroad. Apart from heavy VJ/DJing there will be numerous installations, live performances, workshops and speeches.

The Bauhaus University Weimar will present a special forum bildbauspiel focussing on audiovisual stage performances.

Several AV Crews which grew up around the university will be presented live on stage.

In addition to this practical approach there will be speeches and presentations by scientists and students of the Bauhaus university.

Speeches will be held by: Prof. Wolfgang Sattler (Chair for Interaction Design), J-Prof.Dr. Oliver Fahle (Chair for History and Theory of Pictural Media), Dr. Phil. Habil, Wolfgang Bock, Reinhard Franz (worldhausTV, kunstfernsehen), Roger Behrens, Elke Beilfu, Hendrik Wendler, Daniel Fischer, Richard Anjou, Felix Ebner.

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Address PROJEKTTOR - e.v.nik lisakdunkerstr.80a10437 - Berlin

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Contact Europe VJ Festival

PROJEKTTOR - e.v.nik lisakdunkerstr.80a10437 - Berlin