11 - La Porta Alchemica

11 Jan-11 Feb. 11 - La Porta Alchemica is the title of the exhibition by Roman artist Franco Losvizzero at Galleria PIOMONTI.

The 11 works on display are themed around the Porta Alchemica, or Alchemical Door, a 17th-century monument at Villa Palombara near Rome's Piazza Vittorio.

Laber il coniglio by Franco Losvizzero

Central to this magical theme is an image of a nude woman, painted in white and wearing a rabbit mask, posing at the Palombara portal into another world (detail contained in cover image).

For full exhibition details see gallery website.

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Address Galleria PIOMONTI, Piazza Mattei, 18, Rome

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11 - La Porta Alchemica

Galleria PIOMONTI, Piazza Mattei, 18, Rome