Vivienne Westwood at British Embassy in Rome

British ambassador Jill Morris celebrates the inimitable designer Vivienne Westwood with a private sale at her residence in Rome.  

Sifting through luxurious leather handbags stamped with the Westwood Orb (which resembles the Sovereigns Orb, one of the British crown jewels created for the coronation of King Charles II), I feel the rush of being in on a secret.  

It’s as if I’ve been transported to a world where high fashion is cherished and shared.  The show stopping fringed jacket I scored, while sipping a glass of prosecco in the cozy salon of Villa Wolkonsky, is now the chicest piece in my closet.

Italy is a country synonymous with fashion, and the Vivienne Westwood sale gives an Italian woman’s discerning eye the best in British creativity, quality, and culture.    Ambassador Morris elegantly shares her imagination for intercultural communication with the Eternal City, with thanks from Rome’s fashion savvy shoppers.

Parts of the revenue will be donated to a charity chosen by Vivienne Westwood. This year proceeds will go to benefit Sea Shepherd, which works to protect the oceans.

Caitlin Wilber Frost