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Rome's vintage boutiques

Our guide to vintage clothing shops in Rome.

Rome has plenty of vintage clothing stores, if you know where to look, with many vintage boutiques tucked away on side streets in the Monti district and near Piazza Navona. This guide has something for everyone, from the casual vintage shopper to the die-hard vintage aficionado.


Owned and run by Wilma Silvestri, this boutique is among a slew of vintage shops in Monti. It specialises in vintage 1940s dresses and also offers an express tailoring service. Via Panisperna 61, tel. 064881017, website.


Blue Goose

Ideal for the feminine vintage look. The boutique showcases many designer accessories that are no longer in production. Via del Boschetto 4, tel. 0648906738.

blue Goose


Primarily items for women but there is also a selection for men. With its large range of vintage accessories, Bohémienne will take you back to a time of high fashion. Via dei Cappellari 96, tel. 066832945.


Borghetto Flaminio

Unlike the small vintage boutique shops, the Borghetto Flaminio is essentially a large outdoor fleamarket. It has bargains of all sorts and items from teapots to Gucci labels. Sun 10.00-19.00. Piazza Maresciallo Pilsudski, Flaminio.



Old-school style boutique with an exceptional selection of bags and hats, in addition to a variety of well-restored pieces, many of which are out of production. Via del Governo Vecchio 45, tel. 066832945.


God Save the Look

The goal of the boutique is to travel in time through fashion. Vintage merchandise from across the 20th century can be found here, as well as fashions from around the world. Via dei Capocci 49, 064825211.

god save the look

King Size Vintage

Many vintage boutique stores are cramped but King Size Vintage lives up to its name, providing a spacious shop in which to purchase vintage merchandise. Via del Boschetto 94 and Via Leonina 78/79, tel. 064820495.

king size

Marcolini’s Street

One of the first vintage clothing boutiques in Rome. This is a family-run business which offers a variety of merchandise. Ideal for small vintage gifts. Via Plauto 16, tel. 066865782, website.


Micca Club

This boutique offers an eclectic mix of new trends and vintage designs, providing a unique mix of goods for customers. Via degli Avignonesi 73, tel. 393933236244, website


Pifebo Vintage Shop

On offer are vintage items for men and women typically dating from the 1960s to the 1990s, specialising in a large range of shoes: boots, flat, heels, whatever is required. Via dei Serpenti 141 (Monti), Via dei Valeri 10 (S. Giovanni), Via dei Volsci 101b (S. Lorenzo).



Although all vintage stores offer unique items, Pulp is different in that it repairs and restores its items before selling them. Via del Boschetto 140.


By Iman Zainab Hussain

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