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Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
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Tattoo artists in Rome


All you need to know about tattoo artists in Rome. 

In a city famous for its role as a centre for art, it is no surprise that this trickles down into a diverse and talented community of tattoo artists in Rome.

While tattoos have long been a taboo body alteration, ink is ever-growing in popularity in the 21st Century. This is particularly pronounced in Italy, where almost 30 per cent of Italians ages 35-44 have at least one tattoo. Here are some of Rome’s top tattoo artists organised by tattoo style.  


Luca Sciarretta  Sciarretta’s social media fame may not be as pronounced as some of the other artists on this list but his work speaks for itself. Sciarretta specialises in a neo-traditional style with thick linework and vibrant colours. Much of his work evokes the American wild west, as well as fresh takes on the classic nautical-themed ink. For information tel. 3396376337. 


Antonio ProiettiAlthough based in Tivoli just outside Rome, Proietti's masterful ability to tattoo photo-realistic works of art makes the commute more than worth it. Prior to pursuing tattoos as an art form in 2006, Proietti trained for a decade as an oil painter. His skill with both brush and paint gave him the foundation to become one of Rome’s best tattoo artists in the realistic style. Camdentown Tattoo, Via di Ponte Lucano 23, Tivoli.


Sasha Unisex  Originally from Moscow, Sasha has made her mark on the Roman tattoo scene through her unique watercolour style. Mixing themes of nature, geometric designs and pastel colours, Sasha creates stunning pieces that are so sought after that she is fully booked for months at a time. Permanent ink not your thing? Sasha has also created a vibrant brand surrounding unisex temporary tattoos. Contact 

Black and Grey

Alessandro Capozzi  


Capozzi is the owner of Aureo Roma, which is a tattoo studio as well as a contemporary art gallery. True to this fine art background, his tattoo style is both intricate and minimalistic, emphasising shape and shading to produce highly textured and detailed work. Capozzi’s black and white style can range from realistic, almost three-dimensional tattoos of famous Roman statues, to more abstract line work.

Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery, Via degli Zingari 12, Monti. 


Marco Manzo


Manzo is renowned as one of the first tattoo artists to develop the “ornamental” style of tribal tattoo. His pieces are individually tailored to each person. Manzo found inspiration for this unique and intricate style of tattoo design from Venetian lace and Victorian era jewelry. The artistry of these large-scale pieces has drawn attention to Manzo from the art and fashion worlds.

Tribal Tattoo Studio, Via Cassia 1134/A.

By Rebecca Simonov

In collaboration with the American University of Rome




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