The centre of Rome will be blocked on 9 March by a protest march organised by FIOM (Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici), the metal workers union federation. The march (09.00-14.00) starts from Piazza della Repubblica to arrive at Piazza S. Giovanni, winding through numerous adjoining streets along the way.

Over 30 bus services (including the crucial tourist services 64, 70, the Express 40 and 60 that cross the historic centre) will be diverted along other routes. Some stations on the metro, such as S. Giovanni and probably Colosseum and Cavour, will also be closed.

About 550 buses are scheduled to bring 50,000 protestors into the capital from around the country. It is expected that the NO-TAV opponents of the high-speed railway line through the Alps from the Val di Susa to France will also join the FIOM protest.

The metal workers union, one of the most militant in the left-wing union confederation CGIL, is protesting about the government