A series of country-wide strikes are scheduled at the beginning of March. University teachers and students have called for protests on Thurs 4 March against the reforms proposed by the education minister Letizia Moratti. On Sun 7 March the rail and ferry services could be disrupted in an 8 hour strike (from 10.00-18.00), and on Mon 8 March it will be the turn of the doctors to stop work (from 8.00-9.00) in protest against the failure of the ministry of health and the regions to renew the national contract which ran out two years ago. On Wed 10 March trade unions will meet to plan a general strike to protest against pension reforms.There is a threatened airline strike on Fri 12 March from 10.00-18.00 and on the same day local public transport workers are expected to strike for 24 hours.

A two-week strike by film dubbers for better pay and conditions is threatening to hold up the release of several films.