The lively district of S. Lorenzo will be closed to private traffic, excluding drivers with access permits, every Friday and Saturday night 20.00-03.00 from 1 December in an attempt to ease congestion in one of the city's busiest nightlife areas. The restrictions affect the area enclosed by, but excluding, Viale Scalo di S. Lorenzo, Via Tiburtina (from Piazzale Tiburtino to Via dei Reti) and Via dei Reti. From 1 May 2004, the restricted zone will be extended, probably to include the area enclosed by Via dei Ramni, Via di Porta Tiburtina, Via Tiburtina and Via Marrucini, and surveillance cameras will be introduced to help enforce it. During the busy summer season (1 May-31 October) the restrictions will apply from Wednesday to Saturday night inclusive, and car parks on the perimeter of the zone at Piazzale del Verano, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Largo Passamonti and Via del Verano will be free from 20.00 rather than from 23.00 as they are now. The city council plans to launch the "S. Lorenzo model" on an experimental basis in Trastevere, another busy nightlife district, early next year.