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Rome: Plastic bottles for bus tickets: city expands recycling scheme

Rome introduces new larger plastic-eating compactors in eight metro stations.

Rome is expanding its system for recycling plastic bottles in exchange for bus and metro tickets by adding new 'plastic-eating' machines at five metro stations in addition to the current three.

There are two new + Ricicli + Viaggi machines in operation from today at the Malatesta station on the Metro C line and at Anagnina, the terminal of Metro A.

New recycling machines

By the end of February, two more machines will be installed in Laurentina and S. Paolo stations on the Metro B line while a fifth machine will be added to Rome's central Termini station in early March.

The current machines - at Piramide, Cipro and S. Giovanni stations - are also set to be replaced with larger models, with the same capacity as the five new plastic compactors.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi unveils new plastic recycling machine on 19 February. Photo Yahoo.

The eight new eco-compacting machines are each capable of storing 1,800 plastic bottles before being emptied, instead of 400 with the existing machines.


In addition, from now on, there will be a limit of 30 bottles that each user can give daily. Exceeding the limit of 30 bottles the system will not generate credits although it will accept the bottle to be recycled.

Seven months after the launch of the project, commuters in Rome have recycled 2.8 million bottles according to the city.

How it works

With each plastic bottle recycled, commuters receive a credit of five cents, meaning if they recycle 30 bottles they accumulate enough for a free €1.50 ticket.


The new TicketAppy app has been added to the existing MyCicero and TabNet apps, allowing commuters to accumulate credits for the purchase of 100-minute tickets (€1.50) as well as tickets valid for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and monthly subscription.

For insights into taking public transport in Rome see our guide. Cover photo La Repubblica.

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