Rome bus ticket app for smartphones

New system allows commuters to buy tickets via smartphones.

Rome's public transport company ATAC has launched a new smartphone app for purchasing tickets for the capital's bus, tram, trains and metro A and B.

The BIPiù system, which comes into effect on 28 May, can also be used on Roma Tpl suburban buses and Cotral regional coaches, and will soon be available for Metro C.

BIPiù allows commuters to buy tickets via their smartphone and is designed to eliminate the problem of not finding an outlet selling tickets, particularly at night or on Sundays.

There is no additional cost for the system which can be used to purchase €1.50 tickets, valid for 100 minutes, and the €35 monthly electronic pass.

To avail of BIPiù just download the free MyCicero app from the ATAC website or from the store on your smartphone (IOS and Android).

Once purchased, the ticket must be activated via the app before boarding buses or trams, while users of the underground need to activate "Metro" to receive a code which is read electronically at the turnstiles. The monthly pass requires no activation.

In the case of spot-checks by ATAC, just show inspectors the receipt of payment on your smartphone.

For more details see city website or video by Italian comedian Teresa Mannino.

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