Return of Rome's electric buses

Mini electric buses to return to Rome centre in spring 2019.

Rome's little electric buses, which have been absent from the city's streets since October 2017, are set to make a comeback in 2019.
The "100 per cent electric" buses will return to the narrow streets of the historic centre in "spring 2019", according to an announcement by the city's public transport company ATAC.
The buses are currently being "revamped" and will be phased back into circulation during the spring, with 25 buses in operation by the summer.
ATAC says that by 2020 there will be 60 electric buses in operation on the city's streets.
The buses are designed to carry 14 passengers standing and eight sitting, with one space for disabled travellers.
Rome's electric bus network was suspended in March 2014, reportedly over lack of batteries, but was partially reinstated several months later until being shelved once again in 2017.