New nocturnal traffic restrictions in the S. Lorenzo area, between Termini station and the Verano cemetery, will come into force on 4 June. The district, which is favoured by Romes student population and has a heavy concentration of pubs and restaurants, will be closed to non-resident traffic Wed to Sun, 20.00-03.00, until 31 October, excluding August. The affected area is between Piazzale Tiburtino, Via Tiburtina, Via dei Reti, Via dello Scalo S. Lorenzo and Via di Porta Labicana, where the majority of late-night hangouts are located. Revellers can leave their cars in nearby Largo S. Passamonti or Piazzale del Verano, where parking costs 2,50 for the evening (1 per hour during the day), and where electric shuttle buses will be leaving for the heart of the area every nine minutes. Mopeds are exempt from the new regulations.