More speed cameras installed

New speed cameras go into operation on three sections of Italy’s provincial roads for the first time on 27 July.

The system, called Vergilius, is similar to Tutor, already in operation on national motorways. However it gauges the average speed of a vehicle over a certain section of road, rather than just when it passes the cameras. A fine is then automatically sent to the owner of the offending car or lorry.

Vergilius is more sophisticated and accurate than Tutor and therefore has a lower margin of error. But even Tutor appears to work as it has reduced accidents on motorways by 19 per cent.

The provincial roads selected for the debut of Vergilius are all accident black-spots close to the sea. The section that interests Romans is on Via Aurelia between the Gran Raccordo Anulare and Fregene, which is busy with beach-goers during the summer. The others are outside Naples and Ravenna, on the Domitiana and the Romea. Vergilius will eventually be rolled out on other provincial roads across the country

The speed limit on state roads is 90 kph.

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