A new train service starting mid-December will connect the suburban stations of Milano Rogoredo to Roma Tiburtina in three hours fifty five minutes. The trains will still begin and end their journeys at Milano Centrale and Roma Termini, a journey which will take four hours and ten minutes instead of the present four and a half hours, but they will not stop in Florence, a so-called terminal station which adds 20 minutes to travel time. Using the stations of Tiburtina and Rogoredo, says Trenitalia, the company that oversees Italy's railway system, removes the need for passengers to go into the city centre in order to reach airports or other destinations. Both stations offer fast and regular metro and train services to all parts of town and outlying cities, as well as Fiumicino and Malpensa airports and they are destined to become important stops in the high-speed train link between Milan and Naples, scheduled for completion by summer 2006. Once in operation the high-speed service will connect Milan-Rome in three hours and ten minutes.