One in four Italian motorists does not wear a seatbelt while at the wheel. The figure comes from EURES, the Italian Institute for Economic and Social Research, which has published the results of a survey of 72,000 Italian motorists and motorcyclists. The survey found that five months after the introduction of the new highway code, which brought into effect a British-style points system, 22.7 per cent of motorcyclists still don't wear a helmet. Women are more likely not to wear a helmet than men (26.8 per cent compared to 21.3 per cent); the same goes for young people compared with adults (31.7 per cent compared to 16.9 per cent). However women are more virtuous than men when it comes to fastening their seatbelts (80.7 per cent against 73 per cent). The survey found that Milan boasted a 100 per cent result for helmet-wearing motorcyclists, and Rome an almost perfect 99.1 per cent. In Naples the figure dropped to 49.8 per cent.

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