Romes two metro lines, the red line A (Battistini-Anagnina) and the blue line B (Rebibbia-Laurentina), received substandard marks in security, information and comfort, according to a new report by the agency for the citys public services.

The agency was created two years ago as an autonomous body to monitor city and government services. In December, 49 trains and 49 stations were evaluated following interviews with passengers and train

operators. Line B scored higher than line A in access, comfort and quality of travel. Line A was better in information and security, but both lines scored below the pass mark determined by the agency. Line B received a mark of 69.3 out of 100 for quality of travel, which was higher than line As mark of 61.4, but both failed to reach the passing standard set at 71.6. For the category of comfort while waiting, line B scored of 69.9 to line As 60.2, both failing to meet the standard of 76.3. Line A was better in security, with a score of 70.7, above line Bs 64.8, but still below the agency standard of 82. Line B, Romes first metro, has been operating since 1955. Line A was completed in 1978.