Six scuba divers are spending two weeks at the bottom of the sea at Cala Feola on the island of Ponza from 8-22 September. The three men and three women, who will remain submerged for the entire period, are taking part in a project run by Explorer Team Pellicano to analyse physical reactions to being under water for long periods of time. The divers will sleep in three small diving bells, while a fourth large bell is equipped with a kitchen and a television. Outside of the bells, the divers will be able to exercise on static pedal bikes, lift weights and even play billiards. A 90-strong team including doctors and technical assistants will dive down to spend time with the six and monitor their condition over the two-week period. The human body burns around twice the calories performing tasks underwater than it would on land, and the medical team will be checking stress levels in the divers as well as cardio-respiratory checks. This is the second time Explorer Team Pellicano has carried out an underwater living experiment