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Italy's Trenitalia revises new luggage rules on high-speed trains

New rules and fines on the way for Frecce trains.

Italian rail operator Trenitalia is set to introduce revised luggage rules on its high-speed Frecce trains after hastily suspending the move last week amid much criticism.

The modified baggage restrictions are due to come into force before the Easter holidays, Corriere della Sera reports, and will affect the Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca trains.

Frecce passengers will be able to carry a maximum of two suitcases; in the event of a third suitcase there will not be a surcharge but a fine "significantly lower" than the €50 originally planned. The revised fine is likely to be around €10, Corriere reports.

The size limits of luggage - yet to be announced - will be the same for first and second class, in contrast to the two differing sets of luggage restrictions envisaged in the original rules.

In addition to two suitcases, passengers will be able to travel with "bag, backpack, personal effects and stroller", according to the Corriere, which reports that passengers will be informed of the new luggage rules before purchasing tickets.

The rules were originally scheduled to be introduced on 1 March but following an outcry from consumer associations, politicians and the public, Trenitalia suspended the move at the last minute.

A meeting subsequently took place between representatives of Trenitalia and consumer groups, after which the latter declared both sides to be in "full harmony" regarding the revised rules, Corriere reports.

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