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It is now possible to get a joint degree in Italy

A double degree can now be obtained in Italy

The Italian Senate has approved a new bill that makes it possible to enroll simultaneously in two degree programs in Italy.  Students can now have a joint degree in Italy, even with a foreign university.

A rule that prevented enrollment in two majors or universities, and therefore a double degree, had been in effect since 1933.

"Throughout Europe it is possible, we were late because of a legacy of fascism," comments the Honorable Alessandro Fusacchia, rapporteur of the law in the Chamber of Deputies, which approved it unanimously.

In doing so, Italy aligns itself with the universities of most of the rest of the world and takes a step forward in interdisciplinarity study and in the creation of qualifying degrees for varied professions.  Double degrees are arguably valuable in a competitive job market, and this new development creates opportunities for studying in Italy.

Enrollment possibilities for double degrees

In practice, students will be able to build a personalized training path, combining disciplines that are also very far apart.

It is now possible to participate in two different bachelor's or master's degree programs, even in more than one university, school or special-order higher education institution.

It will also be possible to enroll simultaneously in two academic diploma courses, first or second level, at institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance education.

Students will be able to sign up for one doctorate or master's degree course and one medical specialization course at the same time.

However, it is not possible to enroll simultaneously in two degree courses of the same subject, and in multiple medical specialization courses.

Rules for double degree students

Over the next sixty days, the Minister of University and Research will have to issue a decree to regulate the procedures and criteria to allow double simultaneous enrollment in degree programs in Italy.  For example, one criteria will have to include a way to monitor the courses that require compulsory attendance.

Another significant rule for double degree seekers is that a student may only have scholarships for one of the courses.  Instead, total or partial exemption of tuition fees can be accepted.

Where can students enroll in double degrees?

You can enroll in Italian or foreign universities…or both!

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