Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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Most important international universities in Italy

A listing of the most influential Italian international universities. 

Finding a university that satisfies your needs is sometimes challenging, however if you consider going to Italy, you will find that there are many international universities with an extremely unique environment that will allow you to expand your worldview. Italy offers a wide range of college degrees including medicine, engineering, and art.

Here  is a list of the most accredited international universities in Italy. 

Sapienza University of Rome

Founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, it is the  oldest university in Rome, as well as being the largest in Europe. It hosts  approximately 115,000 students of which 9,000 are international. Across 63  departments, there are 280 degree programs and 200 specialist courses, leading with  Classics and Ancient History, Archeology, Biomedical and Natural sciences,  Humanities and Engineering. It owns 18 museums open to their students, including  the “Orto Botanico di Roma” which translates to “Botanical Garden of Rome”,  covering 12 hectares of land and preserving varieties of plants from all over the  world. Yearly tuition fees: 2,900 Euros 

University of Bologna

Founded in 1088, it is the world’s oldest university, offering  232 degree programs of which 84 are international and 68 are taught in English. Its leading subjects are Medicine, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering and  Philosophy. It hosts five campuses across Italy, including Bologna, Cesena, Forli,  Ravenna and Rimini, as well as an international campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Some of the alumni of this institution are Guglielmo Marconi, Enzo Ferrari and  Giorgio Armani. Yearly tuition fees: 2,700 Euros 

University of Milan

Founded in 1924, it offers various international programs as  well as three programs entirely in English: economics, medical school, and  informatics. It is also possible to attend “entry-level” programs where students take  the first 45 to 60 credits in English and the remaining courses in Italian, ultimately producing a thesis in English. It offers 21 programs across multiple disciplines to obtain a doctorate degree. In addition, it provides many extracurricular activities such  as orchestra, choir, theater, cultural and sports associations. Milan is the second  largest city in Italy being one of the fashion capitals in the world. Yearly tuition fees:  approximately 2,400 Euros 

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

Founded in 1987, it is one of the most  recent and prestigious Italian institutions. It is a public university in Pisa and hosts  approximately 1,500 students, offering degrees in Business, Economics, Law,  Political, Agricultural and Medical Sciences, as well as Industrial and Information  Engineering. This institution provides scholarships for students that can achieve top  marks and demonstrate proficiency in two languages, ultimately allowing them to  attend for free. It mainly focuses on master’s degree programs with structured paths  aiming to educate professionals through theoretical and practical training. Yearly  tuition fees: 7,500 Euros 

University of Padua

Founded in 1222 as a school of law, it is the second oldest in Italy and the world’s fifth oldest university. Hosting approximately 61,000 students, it  is composed of 32 departments and 8 schools with broad and multidisciplinary  degrees ranging from Information Engineering to Cultural Heritage to Neurosciences.  Some of the alumni of this institution are Nicolas Copernicus (astronomer that  formulated the Sun-centered model of our Solar system), Vesalius (father of modern  human anatomy) and Federico Faggin (inventor of the microprocessor). Yearly tuition  fees: approximately 2,500 Euros 

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Founded in 1996 with only one department of  psychology, it quickly developed to host faculties of medicine and surgery as well as  philosophy, characterized with an interdisciplinary emphasis. Since 2010, it offers medical courses in English with half of the places available reserved for EU citizens  and the other half for non-EU citizens. It ranks first in Italy for research citations in  international journals and includes high-quality teaching by also collaborating with the San Raffaele hospital for students to develop practical as well as theoretical skills. Yearly tuition fees: 20,000 Euros 

Politecnico di Milano

Founded in 1863, it is Italy’s largest technical university  dedicated to Engineering, Design and Architecture. Hosting over 45,000 students, it  offers a wide range of degree programs in English with more than 7,000 international  students. It is made up of many campuses with the central one in Milan, and the  additional ones in Como, Cremona, Lecco, Mantova and Piacenza. It is considered the  best university in Italy to pursue studies in engineering with its excellent courses and  professors. Yearly tuition fees: 3,900 Euros 

American University of Rome

Founded in 1969, it is a four-year  institution also offering study abroad opportunities. It follows the American higher  education culture, as all the courses are taught in English. Located at the top of the  highest hill of Rome, the Gianicolo, it houses around 500 students from 60 countries  with 28 native languages spoken on campus. Its leading subjects are Business,  International Relations, Communications, Archaeology & Classics, Fine Arts and  Film. It is the only American university in Italy to offer a degree program in Film.  Yearly tuition fees: 20,000 Euros 

Italy offers international college degree programs that allow you  to challenge yourself as well as pursue your passion in an environment filled with the  Italian “dolce vita”.

In fact, no matter what major you choose, you will never cease to learn about and discover Italian culture and history through the streets, food, and architecture. When  considering applying to any of these universities, it is advisable to choose a program that  adapts to your passion, see how to apply, and talk to your study abroad office to learn more  details about your next adventure.

Pursuing a college degree in Italy will allow you to mature,  grow, and form an open-minded as well as a unique identity. In the meantime, you will fall in  love with the joyful and playful Italian atmosphere filled with timeless traditions and people that will often put a smile on your face! Italy is ready to welcome you! Are you?

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