Google, the leading internet search-engine, is continuing to document the world's streets as part of its grand-scale photographic project Street View. They have now embarked on a photographic series of Italian "art cities" including Arezzo, Cortona, S. Gimignano, Siena, Urbino and the one-time royal palace of La Venaria outside Turin.

By November 2010, in addition to the Colosseum, Rome's major historical sites such as the baths of Caracalla, the Palatine buildings and the gardens of Tivoli will also be available to view online. After Rome, Google heads south to document Pompeii, Ercolano and Reggia di Caserta.

Using a complicated system involving nine cameras and three lasers mounted on to a tricycle, known as a Trikle, a photographer is currently pedalling around the inside of the Colosseum, compiling enough photographs to establish a 360