Ninety years ago, on 18 February 1920, King Vittorio Emanuele III laid the first stone in what was to become the central piazza of the Garbatella district in south Rome. From here was born an area built for workers and their families, which is known for both its architectural beauty and its role in the history of the last century in Rome.

To celebrate the occasion, a new book has been published. Percorsi di Garbatella: Itinerari turistici del Quartiere (Routes around Garbatella: tourist trails in the area) is a collection of stories told first hand by residents who lived through the second world war, resistance and the liberation, as well as modern voices from among those growing up in Garbatella today, combined with information about the architectural sights in the area. The book has been produced by the Bristol ONLUS associazione di promozione sociale with the support of Rome province and sponsored by the local municipality.

During the month of February there is also a series of events to commemorate the district