European Heritage night in Rome

The annual European-wide initiative includes a free Museum Night in Rome

A nationwide programme of events takes place in Italy during the last weekend of September to mark European Heritage Days, while in Rome there is free entry to civic museums from 20.00 until midnight on 28 September. Organised in conjunction with the capital and the culture ministry, a large number of guided tours and conferences take place across Rome during Museum Night.

The participating municipal museums include the Capitoline Museums, the Museum of Roman Civilisation, Trajan’s Market, Casino dei Principi and Casino Nobile at Villa Torlonia, Napoleonic Museum, Pietro Canonica Museum, the Etruscan Museum at Valle Giulia, Galleria d'Arte Moderna (GNAM), and Villa Borghese (which requires advance booking).

There are also guided tours of a number of lesser-known but recently-restored archaeological sites near the Capitoline Hill, such as the Insula Romana of Ara Coeli, the Area Sacra of S. Omobono and the Mithraeum of Via dei Cerchi.

A series of events under the title "Queen of all Roads" is dedicated to the Appian Way, with guided tours, walking excursions, games and educational activities for children, including a treasure hunt.
Regular fees apply on the night at the state-owned Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, and at MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo. Standard fees also apply at the Planetarium while the Capitoline Museums will be charging a special admission price €3.50.

On Sunday 29 September, the Palazzo del Quirinale and Vatican Museums will both be open free of charge.

Held annually across Europe since 1991, the European Days of Patrimony are designed to emphasise the common cultural heritage shared between Europeans. In Britain and Ireland the events usually take place under the umbrella of the Doors Open or Open Door Day movement.
For more details on Rome events tel. 060608, for full list see Rome's Musei in Comune website.

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