The Carnival trends for adults this year are dictated by Hollywood, with many costume-rental shops offering outfits used in film productions.

Cart'Incanto, Viale Tirreno 265 (Montesacro). Costumes for renaissance courtesans and knights as well as classic superheroes and villains. Prices range from 10 to 35, plus extra for wigs, shoes and accessories.

Bliz, Via Ambrosini 186 (Fiera di Roma). Hand-made costumes for characters from fairy tales (Pinocchio, fairies, Snow White) and history (Napoleon, Casanova, Julius Cesar). Prices from 30 to 150.

Giusy, Via Montefalco 15 (Casilina). This shop has over 500 costumes salvaged from the stages of Rome, including Lucrezia Borgia, complete with a cup of poison, and Moulin Rouge-like cancan dancers.

Il Costume, Via T. Campanella 27 (Prati), tel. 0639745533. This shop, which provides costumes for many movies filmed in Italy, has gladiator outfits for rent for about 180 per day. Also popular this year is the mummy outfit from "Natale sul Nilo" (180). Items for smaller budgets are also available.

Studio 13, Piazza Cavour 13 (Prati), tel. 0668803977. Even the simplest outfit can be turned into a stunning costume with the expert advice of the makeup artists at this professional stage-makeup studio.