After years of indecision work has begun on a new glass exhibition space on the Capitoline hill. When completed it will house some of the museums most famous treasures, It is to be built between Palazzo Senatorio (the central building) and the Palazzo Caffarella, to the far right of the square (as you look at it from the top of the steps). "The Roman Garden", designed by architect Carlo Aymonino, is an open area covered by a spiral-shaped roof made of triangles of glass. The atmosphere in the gallery will be specially controlled as it will house the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, the bronze Hercules and the bronze head of Constantine. Excavations will also be carried out on the site to expose the foundations of the temple of Jupiter which will be visible from inside the gallery. 5 million euros have been set aside for the project and the most optimistic forecast is that the new building will be ready in the spring of next year.