EUR neighbourhood

Esposizione Universale Roma is EUR's full name. Built during fascism for the universal exhibition, it is a classic example of the architecture of that period. It is a relatively quiet area of the city, with imposing buildings, well-planned and wide roads and large expanses of park.

There is even a small lake. This is where some large companies have their headquarters and there are also a couple of ministries located here. There are villas and low apartment buildings set in their own gardens, but even here there are parking porblems.

Linked to the rest of the city by Cristoforo Colombo, it offers all that you might expect in the way of supermarkets and shops. There are a good bus links and several underground stations, but the zone is slightly souless, especially at night when the offices are closed.

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Address EUR, 00144 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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EUR neighbourhood

EUR, 00144 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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