Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Mater Dei H1 700x180


The Janiculum Terrace offers one of the best views in Rome. The hill sits overlooking the right bank of the Tiber River and is, at its highest, 88 meters. Set in the historic district of Trastevere, the hilltop gives one of the best panoramic views in Rome. The Piazzale Garibaldi looks east over Rome and celebrates the heroes from 19th century Italy. Even though it is a bit of a hike to the top, the view makes the trek worth it. However, the top can be accessed by car making the top only a short taxi ride away from anywhere near the Tiber River.

Address: Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi


St. Peter’s Basilica is home to some of the most awe-inspiring art inside the Vatican, and the dome gives you one of the best views on the west side of the Tiber River. For less than 10 euros a person you can take over 500 stairs to climb all the way to the top of the dome and take in the view. From there you can see the entirety of St. Peter’s Square, the Tiber River, and Castel Sant'Angelo. Along with the dome the Musei Vaticani, located around the corner, is home to the Sistine Chapel and amazing art.

Address: Piazza San Pietro


“Altare della Patria”, the Monumental Complex of the Vittoriano, or “Il Vittoriano” was erected to celebrate Vittorio Emanuele II of Savory, the first king of Italy. The outside is elegant, standing tall surrounded by statues worth seeing. The inside houses many halls, which have a revolving door of different exhibits throughout the year. As one of the most symbolic monuments in Rome, and the country, it is in the heart of the city near many other monuments like the Pantheon. Admission starts at 14 euros and they offer guided tours from around 80 euros to 110 euros

Address: Piazza Venezia


A beautiful terrace overlooking the city and the Piazza de Popolo. Offering a great view of the skyline, it is necessity when visiting. Surrounded by lovely gardens, the terrace has a panoramic view. Located close to the Spanish Steps, many tourists recommend making both landmarks in one trip.The Trinità dei Monti is a Renaissance church located at the top of the steps beloved by visitors for the breathtaking architecture. Also nearby, the Villa Medici has beautiful landscaped gardens as a 16th century castle. Many tourists state this hill is a quite hiding spot from the hectic piazza located beneath.

Address: Terrazza del Pincio

Parco degli aranci

Translated to Garden of Oranges, this park extends into the area of an ancient fort built by the Savelli Family between 1285 and 1287. The current garden was built in 1932 by Raffaele de Vico. The name comes from the small orange grove located inside the park. Located in the chaotic city right along the Tiber River, the hill offers a moment of peace giving one of the best views of Rome. Many monuments can be seen from the top, like Il Vittoriano. The area around the park is populated with other places worth seeing, as it is a short walk away from the Colosseum.

Address: Piazza Pietro D'Illiria


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Mater Dei 1920x190
Mater Dei 1920x190
Mater Dei 1920x190
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