Young American Painters in Rome

For over 200 years Rome has proved a draw to American artists, from Thomas Cole to Cy Twombly to Francesca Woodman. The Ecos Gallery, through curator Pia Candinas, presents "Visioni in Pittura", a programme dedicated to young American artists Gina Hoover and Jamie Felton. Hoover's exhibition "Silent Interactions" (17 April-14 May) comprises a vast selection of postcard-sized portraits known as The Facebook Series. Felton's exhibition "Abstraction and Freedom" (21 May-11 June) features paintings and installations including her video "Trying to find the color of the Sunset through a single Kiss". Tues-Sat 15.00-19.30. Ecos Gallery, Via Giulia 81/a, tel. 0668803886,